PPF - Paint protection film

PPF care products, cleaning, polish and wax for sealing

Durability through highest quality, with SWISSVAX PPF

The highest quality care and maintenance of protective films for long-lasting vehicle protection

Protect your vehicle with the highest quality care for paint protection films (PPF). PPF offers essential defense against paint damage from
stones and impacts, available in various finishes like transparent, glossy, colored, and matte. To preserve their effectiveness and appearance, regular maintenance is crucial.

The Importance of Regular PPF Maintenance

PPF, while durable, is subject to wear from UV exposure, dirt, and air pollutants. These elements can degrade the film, making it brittle and reducing its protective capabilities. Regular upkeep ensures longevity and maintains its protective qualities. Our PPF care products are designed to combat water and lime stains, keeping your PPF in top condition.


Our SWISSVAX PPF Wax, formulated specifically for film care, offers intense gloss retention, enhanced water repellency, and maintains the film's elasticity. It includes UV protection and boasts a high carnauba wax content of 40%, ideal for supporting the film's protective features.

PPF Protection Set

The SWISSVAX PPF Protection Set is a comprehensive solution for maintaining your vehicle's PPF. It includes a range of products and tools for effective cleaning and care of both partially and fully wrapped surfaces, ensuring your protective films stay well-maintained and protected for the long haul. With everything you need in one kit, achieving perfect results has never been easier.

By following these guidelines and utilizing SWISSVAX products, you can ensure your vehicle's PPF remains vibrant and protective, safeguarding your investment and keeping your car looking its best.

Polishing PPF

Hand or professional machine polishing? No problem!

Whether you decide for hand polishing or machine polishing, SWISSVAX ensures a seamless experience with our PPF-compatible products. Tailored and rigorously tested for PPF-coated vehicles, our solutions effectively eliminate fine scratches, scuffs, and holograms.

Trust in SWISSVAX to rejuvenate your car's surfaces to a flawless state, preserving their original shine and providing lasting protection.

Do I apply Lotos Speed after waxing?

Yes. After waxing, applying Lotos Speed adds an extra layer of defense, intensifying the water-repellent properties and extending the durability of the protective seal.

For optimal results, wait 3 hours after waxing before applying Lotos Speed. This ensures the wax fully bonds with the paint.

The only sealant for PPF - KERAMIQ9

What is special about KERAMIQ9

KERAMIQ9 is an easy-to-use infused water-based spray ceramic sealer developed by SWISSVAX through the Aqua Infused process. It is suitable for both private and professional users and is compatible with SWISSVAX products and waxes. The sealer creates extremely smooth and water-repellent surfaces on paint, glass, plastic or GRP outdoors and provides up to 12 months of protection.

KERAMIQ9 extends the life of paint surfaces treated and sealed with SWISSVAX polishes and waxes and can also outperform sealers from other manufacturers. Application is simple and after normal use of SWISSVAX care products and wax, the ceramic sealer can be applied in addition to increase long-term protection. The SWISSVAX "Prep Fluid" can also be used to re-neutralize the sealant and touch-ups can be easily made at any time.

Note: Apply KERAMIQ9 one day after waxing.

The 9 facts of KERAMIQ9

  • Long-lasting beading behavior of up to 12 months
  • Safe for private users
  • Short application time (depending on car size) of only 30-60 minutes
  • Without masking and/or preparatory work of many hours or days
  • Suitable for both untreated and SWISSVAX sealed paints
  • Can be quickly and regularly renewed in highly stressed areas (e.g. hood, fenders, etc.)
  • Lower solvent content without toxic fumes compared to conventional ceramic coatings
  • Can be used on all materials such as paintwork, glass surfaces, plastics, wheel rims or GRP
  • KERAMIQ9 can be easily removed without leaving a trace with SWISSVAX «Prep Fluid»

SWISSVAX Opaque designed for matt-foiled and matt-painted cars

Keep your matte-finished or foiled vehicle looking great with SWISSVAX Opaque. Created to meet the special needs of matte surfaces, our products provide gentle care without compromising the unique matte look.

Protection for matt films and coatings with SWISSVAX Opaque

SWISSVAX Opaque products are formulated with minimal chemical substances to protect delicate matte surfaces. Our unique formula is tailored to preserve the matte appearance, ensuring the surface remains non-glossy.

Matte surfaces are vulnerable to dust, dirt, and sunlight, which can cause damage. The Opaque line includes special natural ingredients that create a protective barrier, maintaining the matte finish. These products also enhance water repellency and make cleaning easier.

Using SWISSVAX Opaque regularly helps keep the original quality and look of matte surfaces intact without altering the finish. It's the perfect care solution, providing protection and ease of maintenance for your vehicle's matte surfaces.

SWISSVAX accessories for a perfect result

Round off your grooming with SWISSVAX accessories

With the right accessories from SWISSVAX, you can ensure that you get the best car care and protect your car in the best way possible.

Our selection of accessories includes high-quality cleaning cloths, sponges, brushes and wash pads. Each product has been carefully selected and produced by us and tested for performance and quality to ensure you get the best possible results. Our wash pads, for example, are made of extra soft material and have a high water absorption capacity. This ensures gentle and thorough cleaning without damaging the paint surface.

In addition to cleaning products, SWISSVAX also offers various applicators specifically designed for use with our care products. Our sponges and pads allow an even distribution of the care products and a gentle application on sensitive surfaces