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Introduction to our Swissvax Blau-Weiss Discovery Kit

The Swissvax Discovery Kits are a perfect, yet simple solution to caring for your vehicles exterior in one ready-to-go carrying case. The Swissvax Discovery Kits come complete with: 1 - 50ml wax choice depending on the kit selected. BMW - Blau-Weiss as shown in the video below. 1 - 100ml Car Bath, car wash solution which will not damage your pre-exsiting wax application as well as safely removing dirts and other contaminates from the paint surface. 1 - 100ml NON-abrasive, Cleaner Fluid Regular, pre-wax cleaner to clean & prep the paint surface as well as rejuvenating the luster. 1 - 250ml Lotos Speed to quickly and easily maintain your hard efforts, good looks and surface tension between details. Great to...

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Swissvax Germany's Daniela Friedl, Featured In The Porsche Newsroom

  Swissvax Germany's very own Master-Detailer, Daniela Friedl, was recently featured on Porsche Newsroom in the article titled, "Return To Glory: Spring Car Preparation". (Please Have a View as It's a Great Read with Many Wonderful Photos) Daniela, offers very helpful insight in taking your vehicle from a winter worn condition to a spring ready glow using Swissvax Car Care products, and the tips needed to do it from home. You can also follow Daniela, from Swissvax Germany on Instagram @alpinadani Thank you for viewing. If you have any questions about any of the products used in the mentioned article, or you're thinking it's a good idea to get the vehicle ready for the Spring and Summer months with Swissvax?...

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Welcome to our new website

It's with great anticipation we have the ability to serve you better! If you're a frequent visitor here at Swissvax USA, please have a look around and let us know what you think. If you're new at checking out our Swissvax Automotive and Marine Care Supplies, we'll be glad to help guide you! With the site being new, please expect some trail and error along with the great improvements that will come over time. Please note, we take every precaution necessary in making sure your orders are handled safely with yours and ours health in mind. We will be stocked with all your favorite Swissvax products very soon and we're again, looking forward to serving you!

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