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Introduction to our Swissvax Blau-Weiss Discovery Kit

The Swissvax Discovery Kits are a perfect, yet simple solution to caring for your vehicles exterior in one ready-to-go carrying case. The Swissvax Discovery Kits come complete with: 1 - 50ml wax choice depending on the kit selected. BMW - Blau-Weiss as shown in the video below. 1 - 100ml Car Bath, car wash solution which will not damage your pre-exsiting wax application as well as safely removing dirts and other contaminates from the paint surface. 1 - 100ml NON-abrasive, Cleaner Fluid Regular, pre-wax cleaner to clean & prep the paint surface as well as rejuvenating the luster. 1 - 250ml Lotos Speed to quickly and easily maintain your hard efforts, good looks and surface tension between details. Great to...

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