LEATHER GLAZE Leather Sealant

  • Leather Glaze protects against signs of abrasion and wear as well as against dye transfer/contamination (e.g. from blue jeans)
  • Ideally applied immediately on new leather
  • Early application facilitates future leather cleaning and care

New Leather Sealant:

New leather (up to 3 years) does not need any kind of feedings as it's still fully protected by the tanning process. New leather, However, should be protected from wear and tear as well as dye transfer from jeans and other clothing. SWISSVAX LEATHER GLAZE will drastically reduce these risks by protecting your seat bolsters from wearing off and creating a barrier between jeans and the leather surface.

Older Leather Sealant:

Step 1 - Older leather (from 3 years onward, depending on usage) need to be regularly re-greased to stay soft. SWISSVAX LEATHER MILK is an easy to use powerful leather care product for pigmented leather containing emulsifiers, UV-filters and antioxidants preventing degradation of leather.

Step 2 - Older leathers, subjected to wear & tear, friction and all other types of abrasions are naturally at a loss with this protective polyurethane surface coating that protects the pigment. SWISSVAX LEATHER GLAZE is a great way at maintaining (From New or Old) the surface protection from exposing the pigment. If color is being lifted from a cleaning process, It's a great time to use Leather Glaze.

Areas of concern are "Bolsters, Steering Wheels, Shift nobs, Elbow rest or anywhere the leather is constantly subjected to friction. (skin and clothing contact)