AUDI Car Care

All you need to clean, wash, polish, wax and protect your AUDI.

Made for your Audi

Elevate your Audi ownership experience with Swissvax's premium line of car care products meticulously crafted to enhance every aspect of your vehicle. From the gleaming exterior to the luxurious interior, our range is designed to exceed the expectations of Audi enthusiasts worldwide.

Experience the Swissvax Difference:
Backed by decades of Swiss craftsmanship and innovation, Swissvax is trusted by Audi owners, OEMs and detailing enthusiasts worldwide. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product in our range delivers outstanding results, allowing you to preserve the beauty and value of your Audi for years to come.

Exterior Brilliance

Ensure your Audi maintains its showroom shine with our specialized exterior care products. From gentle yet effective car shampoos to high-performance waxes and sealants, each formula is engineered to protect your vehicle's paintwork from the elements while enhancing its gloss and depth.

Matt Finished Paint Care Products

The SWISSVAX OPAQUE series includes everything necessary for perfect matt paint care, from car shampoo for matt paintwork, pre-cleaners and special wax to detailing spray and spray ceramics for matt painted vehicles.

Interior Luxury Care Products

Step into luxury every time you enter your Audi with our interior care solutions. Our range includes gentle cleaners and conditioners specifically formulated to nourish and protect premium materials like leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber, ensuring your cabin remains as immaculate as the day you drove it off the lot.

Rims & Tires

Enhance the look and performance of your Audi's wheels with our specialized rim and tire care products. From powerful wheel cleaners that effortlessly remove brake dust to tire dressings that provide a long-lasting satin finish, our formulas are designed to keep your rims gleaming and your tires looking their best.

Convertible Care Excellence

Keep your Audi convertible looking and feeling its best with our convertible care products. From fabric cleaners that gently lift dirt and grime to waterproofing treatments that ensure your soft top remains resilient against the elements, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of open-air driving.