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The perfect cleaning, care and sealing of natural leather, imitation leather and fabrics. For your interior and car seats.

LEATHER - a material with history

For smooth, open-pored, closed and vegenes leather

For smooth, open-pored, closed, and vegan leather—whether it’s the sleek smoothness of nappa, the breathability of open-pored leather, or the unique texture of Alcantara, your vehicle's interior reflects personal style and craftsmanship. Ensuring these surfaces are well-maintained guarantees their beauty and durability for the long haul. Swissvax is your trusted source for top-tier leather care products, providing a comprehensive care system to maintain your vehicle's leather interiors in top-notch condition.

New nappa leather

Automobile manufacturers and their partners have significantly advanced in crafting car interiors that are both beautiful and long-lasting. Leather, in particular, undergoes a process that minimizes the effects of aging, such as color fade and shrinkage.

Thanks to new protective coatings, today's leather is more resistant to scratches and stains, making it easier to care for in our modern lifestyle. However, "easy-care" doesn't imply "no care" at all.

Even the latest leather finishes can accumulate dirt. To keep them clean, we recommend:

  • Opting for a cleaning sponge for perforated leather, like ventilated seats, instead of a brush.

  • Continuing the cleaning process until all the dirt is gone, focusing on small areas at a time to prevent the cleaner from drying.

    The result? Your leather will look clean and maintain its natural, matte finish.

To protect new nappa leather, our Leather Glaze offers a safeguard against dye transfer from jeans and other wear and tear. Just apply it using a sponge applicator, moving in circles over the leather. This clear sealant quickly dries without leaving a glossy finish.

Before you start:

Please avoid using our products on buffalo or suede leather, and do not use Leather Cleaner Forte or brushes on aniline leather, which is identifiable by its absorption of water when applied to an inconspicuous area.

Used nappa leather

Discover essential care tips for nappa leather, a staple in both new vehicles and classic cars. Maintaining this premium material requires specific techniques to ensure its longevity and appearance.

Essential care steps

Clean, Dry and Condition

1. Cleaning: Start with Leather Cleaner or Leather Cleaner Forte for thorough cleaning, using a leather brush for standard surfaces or a sponge for perforated sections.

2. Drying: After cleaning, use our detail cotton cloth or yellow Micro-Wash microfiber cloth to remove any residue, focusing on small areas to prevent the cleaner from drying prematurely.

3. Conditioning: Once dry, nourish the leather with Leather Milk applied via a textile applicator, adjusting the amount based on the leather's condition. Reapply if necessary for optimal hydration.


  • Avoid using these products on buffalo or suede.
  • For aniline leather, characterized by its absorbency, refrain from using Leather Cleaner Forte or brushes.

Identifying Your Leather:

Test whether your leather is aniline by applying a water drop to a hidden area, if it absorbs, it’s aniline.

Further leather care solutions

Explore advanced techniques for solving a variety of leather issues, from wear and tear to hardness. Whether it’s new or vintage, nappa
leather in your vehicle requires specialized treatment to restore and protect its quality.

Specialized leather treatment

Sealing, Repairing, Softening, and Gloss Adjustment

Sealing with Leather Glaze

Ideal for protecting new kappa leather, Leather Glaze is your go-to sealant to guard against abrasion and color transfer from clothing, without changing the leather's color or finish.

For an even application, use a fine-pored sponge in circular motions.

Repairing with Leather Healer

Address wear on seat bolsters, steering wheels, and other high-contact areas with Leather Healer. This product is designed to restore nappa leather's appearance seamlessly, without leaving any stains.

Apply using a fine-pored sponge, working in circular motions.

Adjusting Gloss Levels with Gloss Corrector (Matte or Shiny)

Whether you're looking to reduce shine on overly glossy interior surfaces or restore shine to areas that have become too matte Gloss Corrector is the solution.

Choose between Matte or Shiny options to achieve your desired finish, applying the product with a fine-pored sponge in circular motions for optimal results.

Softening with Leather Softener

Revive hardened leather caused by heat and neglect with Leather Softener. This product brings back the softness of nappa leather by replenishing essential oils and minerals, ensuring the leather becomes supple again through repeated applications.

Vegan leather

Embracing the modern era, vegan leather has surged in popularity, mirroring the look and feel of its natural counterpart thanks to advanced technology. However, like all materials, it requires proper maintenance to preserve its beauty and integrity.

Essential care steps


To keep your vegan leather looking its best, start with a thorough clean using Leather Cleaner or Leather Cleaner Forte. Whether you opt for a sponge or a brush, these products are designed to gently lift dirt and grime without damaging the material.


Light-colored vegan leather, in particular, needs defense against color transfer from clothing such as jeans. Applying Leather Glaze leather sealant provides a protective barrier, ensuring your vegan leather remains pristine.

By following these care tips, you can enjoy the enduring appeal and durability of your vegan leather items, keeping them in prime condition for years to come.


Alcantara, an artificial material, offers the luxurious feel of suede with added benefits: it's easier to clean and far more durable.

Essential care steps

Cleaning with Alcanta Cleaner

First, vacuum any loose dirt off the Alcantara surfaces. Then, apply Alcanta Cleaner either directly to the surface or onto a sponge applicator. Gently dab the area with light pressure and dry with a yellow Micro-Wash microfiber cloth.

Remember, never rub the material and avoid cleaning with heat to prevent damage.

Addressing Pilling on Old Alcantara

Over time, Alcantara may develop "pilling" or small nodules, especially in high-wear areas. If the pilling isn't too severe, it can be carefully removed using our Leather Grinding Pad, significantly improving the appearance of the material.

Protecting with Lotos Protectant

To guard Alcantara against new stains and dirt, clean the surface with Alcanta Cleaner and let it dry. Then, apply Lotos Protectant for effective protection. This textile sealant ensures your Alcantara stays looking fresh and new.

By following these steps, you'll maintain the beauty and durability of your Alcantara items, enjoying their suede-like feel without the high maintenance.